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Another Drawing: Progress Pics, Please

OK, so I was all excited to show my progress, because I thought I had a pretty good start, and darn it -- it's less than I thought! I've had a busy week here shipping out Reproduction Sampler Boxes, so I haven't put a stitch in this week. BUT, a start is a start, and I love the way the little stitches look in the silk on the 40 count.

Please share your progress picture to be entered for a chance to win a $25 gift card to my website (drawn at random on Monday.) Don't be shy if you have only a little done, and hey, don't be too braggy if you're beating all of us in the progress department.

I hope everyone in the states is ready for a holiday week. I am anxious to get my boys here tomorrow and Monday. Can't wait to spend time with them and make some memories! Love - T

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