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Answers to Our Questions!

Nicola has been so kind as to create a video in answer to our questions here on the blog with the Margaret Doyle Sampler. You can get to her video by clicking the picture above, or by clicking this link: Huge thanks to Nicola for going to the effort of making a video. It is so nice to hear her talk about our project, and I hope it helps you feel even more attached to the sampler.

My apologies for the lack of a post on Monday. I came home from the Amana, Iowa, retreat Sunday, and wasn't feeling super great. I thought I was tired from traveling, but several attendees tested positive for Covid during the retreat. I was hoping after a good night's sleep at home, I'd bounce back, but I really started feeling unwell, and tested positive for Covid on Tuesday morning. I do plan on continuing now with Monday, Wednesday, Friday posts.

Remember, today's post contains a reward to those of you who have made any progress on the Margaret Doyle project: a HATS chart of your choice from my website (downloads included.) In order to participate, you must post a picture of your progress on Margaret Doyle (even if it's just a little), and you must have purchased the chart (and/or other supplies) from me. I will just verify that you did when I do the random drawing. You have until Friday at noon, central, to post.

I hope everyone is enjoying the project. I saw several stitchers working on Margaret at the retreat in Amana, and it is a BEAUTIFUL piece. SO MUCH MORE beautiful than it even looks on the pattern cover or online. Thanks to everyone who is keeping this blog a friendly place. Keep on commenting, and keep on stitching! - Theresa

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