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"Fat, Dumb, and Happy"

My father-in-law has always used the phrase "fat, dumb, and happy" when he's feeling well-fed and sleepy during a happy gathering with family. The leftovers are in the fridge, people are kind of quiet, and there's a general contentment in the air.

We had a lovely time with Graham, Harrison, and Harrison's girlfriend Ash. They have all already left, but the boys will be coming back in four weeks for Christmas, when we'll do it all again. We did already get the tree up, so I'm looking forward to weeks of Christmas music, wrapping gifts, baking and cooking, and just a lot of fat, dumb, and happy.

I hope you and your loved ones have the wonderful-est of holiday seasons. Oh, and happy stitching. I'll check back in on Monday with a "regular" stitch-along post. :) - T

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