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How Do You Find the Time?

I was so looking forward to a little stitching time this weekend, after a very busy October. Two big releases (the Halloween box and the Margaret Doyle project) meant I worked around the clock for weeks. But, about the time I sat down on Saturday, I thought, "I think I need to lie down." And then I fought off a cold by spending the weekend in bed." And I'm reminded of Junior Comp. class in high school with Mr.Joraanstad. Robert Burns' "To a Mouse" is the source of our saying about how the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. But the way he wrote it was, "The best laid schemes o' mice an' men gang aft a-gley."

And then today the much-anticipated "Book of Days" by Needlework Press showed up, and I was reminded of one of my plans to do more stitching this year. But now it's almost November, and I'm wondering where all of those afternoons of stitching went? This coming year, I need to schedule time in and stick to it! How do you find time to work on your projects? Do you have a set day or time? Do you put it on your calendar? Do you keep a project at work for lunchtime (I used to do this). I get to go to the Amana Farm Girl Retreat this week, and so I will be "forced" (HA!) to sit my bootie down and get some stitches in.

If you found time to stitch on Margaret, we'd all love to see your progress. I made great headway today on packing orders and organizing recently-delivered boxes. So maybe tomorrow I can wake up and sit at the table for an hour before I get to work. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Happy stitching! - Theresa

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