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Margaret Doyle 1850 Stitch-Along Coming Soon!

As we reach the end of Sampler September, and are nearing the end of 2022, I am so happy to present a sampler reproduction by Nicola and her team at Hands Across the Sea samplers: Margaret Doyle 1850, an Anglo-Irish sampler. This beautiful piece is stitched in cross stitch and is appropriate for all skill levels. Beautiful reds, vibrant blues, and soft greens and golds make this such a lovely piece that you will enjoy stitching and admiring. Nicola and I have been working on this project since early this year, and I am excited for everyone to finally see it.

Part of the joy has been working with Nicola in the UK, with Fox & Rabbits linens in Australia, and with Access Commodities in Texas (and the French silks they provide). I bet little Margaret never imagined her sampler would bring together professionals around the world!

This is a limited offering and will go up for sale on Sunday, October 2, at 4 p.m. Central Time on my website. I will send a newsletter out again as I list the charts and supplies, but you can go directly to the Hands Across the Sea page on that day to purchase the chart, threads, and fabric.


AVAILABILITY: The charts are ONLY available at The reproduction graph is done in the smaller booklet with sturdy pages, a full-color format, and a metal binding. These booklets have been popular the last several years and are top-quality. The booklet includes commentary by Nicola and me. The graph price is $31.00 plus shipping. Please continue reading for pricing for threads and fabric cuts. Charts, all thread packs, and all linens are in stock now. Orders will start shipping immediately upon release.

THREAD SETS: Three different thread packets are available -- Au Ver a Soie 100/3 (22 spools presented in a red candy box for $83.60), Au Ver a Soie silks (22 skeins for $105.60), and DMC floss (22 skeins for $22.00). Thread packs are sold with the graphs, so the prices above are added to the $31 chart price in those listings. Thread packs are not unlimited in availability. I made up 750 of them, but will not be re-stocking thread packs.

FABRIC: Four different fabric cuts are available from Fox & Rabbit. The color used is Eureka, and I have cuts in 32, 36, 40, and 46 count. A fat eighth is plenty to stitch on any of these counts and will run $14-$14.50. Again, these are sold separately from the graph, so my customers can customize what they will receive. Fabric cuts are plentiful, but not unlimited.

STITCH ALONG: I'm hosting a stitch-along here on the blog, starting October 20th. I wanted to give everyone time to order and receive their packages. If for some reason more time is needed, announcements will be posted here. While there is no pressure or rush for those participating, I am going to be doing some drawings and prizes as we go. And I hope it will be fun for my customers to get to know each other a little bit. Watch the blog for information as it becomes available.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: I do not ship internationally, sorry! Shipping overseas is not only very expensive these days, but it is also unreliable. The chart is only available in its printed form (not as a download).

PREPPING FOR THE RELEASE: I decided to make the announcement now, and give everyone a few days' warning. This way, you can make sure not to miss the "drop," and can put other items in your cart to wait for you to complete your purchase.

I can't wait to start shipping these out -- this project has been long in the making, and it has been well-worth the effort. Thanks, as always, for your kind support and business. Love - Theresa

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