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Monday Night News

It feels like the year is waning -- how can it be almost Thanksgiving? I've started to do a little tidying up around here, organizing, putting things away for company, making plans for a big meal with my kids and a plus one this year (Harrison's girlfriend!)

There's going to be a drawing again on Friday. The prize is a $25 gift card to my website. And again, all you have to do to enter is post a photo of your progress (you have to at least have a few stitches in your linen.) I have worked on my Margaret Doyle some more and will post on Friday a photo. It's so pretty! I'm stitching mine on the 40 count, and it's delicate and lovely.

If you haven't seen it, make sure to check out my Reproduction Sampler Box, for sale now! Nicola and her crew created a really NEAT reproduction sampler stitched by a woman in 1900 named Rachel, and she indicated on her sampler that she was 82 YEARS OLD when she stitched it! It is so inspiring to know how much she must have loved doing needlework. The box's contents are a surprise (no photos yet.) But, I shipped out about 500 packages this morning and keep shoveling things out the door. Make sure to get a box before they're gone -- some of my favorite buddies in the industry have contributed to the fun.

Hope all is well with everyone, and that you're enjoying cooler weather. This is such a pretty time of the year here in Mississippi, and I am thankful that the air conditioning, finally, is silent! - Love, T

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