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Post Some Holiday Pics!

The main drag in Hattiesburg (US 98) is evidence that Christmas is afoot. Cars extend in both directions as far as is visible, and parking lots are full. Hattiesburg isn't a large town, but it is a pretty okay place to find supplies for Christmas gift-giving, holidays meals, and festive decorations.

I thought it might be fun if people posted some holiday pics -- old or new. Pets or people. Decorations, food, and what-nots. The picture above is me, Christmas 1972, at almost-3, the last Christmas I'd be an only child. My brother Pete was born March 6, and he's brought a lot of joy to my life (as has my sister, Laura, who was born in 1977.) I'm sure many of you recognize the little red record player. It played plastic records with notches, which pricked little metal tines. You'd twist the little yellow knob to wind it up, and it would play songs like "Camptown Races," "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," "London Bridge," and more. I just read a little about it, and it seems like this player can sell for $300 or more!

This picture says a lot to me about my family at that time. My parents were married in 1968 and of modest means. We had a real tree, with tinsel and few ornaments, a folding chair, and the tree skirt almost looks like quilt batting. But I had three very nice new toys -- the record player, a doll house, and an easel. There was a lot of love, for sure.

I hope everyone is having a good week so far. Orders here are (finally) slowing down some. I have my helper Britney here again tomorrow, and I am planning on getting entirely caught up with the queue in the next few days. And my family is making plans for this year's holiday. We are going to have a fancy cocktail party with appetizers, games and music. I can't wait for all of us to be together again. As my dad always sang: "Happy Schmolden Days." - T

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