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Something Else to Talk About

All day today, I was thinking, "What should I talk about for the blog?" It's kind of mid-week, and I've been busy trying to get caught up with orders, so I can have a nice visit when my sons come next week for Thanksgiving. I love hearing about people's progress on their Margaret Doyle sampler, but I thought it might be fun if we all share a picture of another project we've done -- any project!

Pictured is "Pelouse Interdite" by Le Moutin Rouge (I think), a French designer, and a kit I bought a long, long time ago. It came with the linen, which was white, and the DMC floss. And I loved the prim, kind of retro vibe, and the message: "Pelouse Interdite" means "Keep Off the Grass" (meaning, don't kill the bugs, I guess?) It took me forever to finish this one, because I'd put it down and kind of forget about it. I never loved the white linen, and so when I finally made my mind up to go ahead and wrap that project up, I over-dyed it with coffee to hide a few little spots my piece had acquired after years in and out of storage.

Feel free to share things you might have finished on your walls (or UFO's!) It's always fun to see someone else's projects, isn't it? Love - T

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