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Time is Ticking Down to Christmas

I hope everybody has had some time to stitch the last couple of days! Here in Hattiesburg, we've all been surprised at how BUSY town has been. Hattiesburg isn't a big town, but it has a lot more shopping opportunities than the smaller towns surrounding "The Burg."

I was telling Steve on the way to the post office tonight that a day like today, mid-December, feels so strange in a way, because it was only like six or seven weeks ago that it was HALLOWEEN, and now we've had Thanksgiving, and we're 12 days out from Christmas. As a kid, the luxury of three basically back-to-back holidays seemed glorious, but as an adult, oh how time flies! Two of my friends and I have decided to put off our gift exchanges until January, which is good, because I haven't had time to stitch for weeks.

We're going to have a drawing again THURSDAY, so post pictures of any progress you've made on Margaret Doyle by Thursday afternoon. I'll draw randomly from the comments for a free quarter yard of the fabric of your choice. Some of my favorite fabrics that I carry are Jucus's fabrics from Hungary (under XJudesigns). They come 'round the globe and then get divvied up and sent all over the US and abroad. Sometimes I think about what beautiful designs will go on the fabric I ship every day. Wouldn't it be fun if we could all get together?

Have a great couple of days. I'll be back Thursday night with the drawing winner! - Theresa

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