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Weekend Stitching Plans?

It was really fun to see everybody's progress on Margaret Doyle -- and Nancy Anderson was our winner for a free HATS chart of her choosing from my site. Congrats, Nancy (contact me by e-mail at to claim your prize!)

As long as we're on the subject of other HATS projects, I thought it might be fun if we share which other HATS charts are in our WIP's piles. I am working on Miss Mary Ann Bournes (see picture, above), and Anne Thomas (see picture below). Both are pictures from Nicola's site, not of my projects. Although I am definitely rounding the corner on the Anne Thomas project. It's GORGEOUS!!!

So, please share not only what your HATS WIP's are, but also what things you'll be working on this weekend. I'll be working on getting caught up with orders, since this week I played Covid hookie (the least fun kind of hookie to play). Hope everyone had a great week, and good luck with your weekend projects! - Theresa

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