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What's Your Dream HATS Chart?

Nancy Anderson won the drawing for a chart last week, and she finally decided on which one she wanted; she chose Anne Thomas, which is a fan favorite! I actually am stitching this one myself, and I'm so glad I chose to stitch it in silks. The colors are really, really striking, and it's fun to pull bubble gum pinks and cobalt blues as I go.

Of course, it's always hard to pick a favorite when you have as many charts to choose from as Nicola and her team have produced. If you had to choose a favorite that you don't yet have in your stash, which HATS chart would you most like to get? I'm kind of partial to Mary 395, a really big Bristol sampler done all in red. One-color samplers are their own special kind of heaven, because you can really see the motifs for what they are. Elizabeth Furniss and Elizabeth Beaven are two other favorites of mine that I carry, but which are not in my own stash...yet!

I hope everybody is starting their weekend stitching. I did a little more work on Margaret Doyle last night, and was able to get some green in. So pretty -- I am really enjoying the colors on Margaret's sampler. Have a great weekend, everybody!!! - Theresa

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