SALE 28 Count Hazelnut Hand-Dyed Linen by Silkweaver (1/4 yard)

$26.00 Regular Price
$20.80Sale Price

This is tricky linen to come by, but it is very beautiful. Please note that the color varies piece to piece. This is a heavily mottled linen that is great for samplers, prim designs and much more. This may be the last time I order this linen, due to the difficulties in getting the fabric. So, once it's gone, I may not get any more.


If you purchase one, you are getting a fat quarter, approximately 18 by 27 inches, Buy two, and get a fat half, approximately 27 by 36 inches. Buy four to get a full, un-cut yard, approxiamtely 36 by 55 inches.