36 Count Driftwood Fat Quarter by Colour & Cotton


Please note the sizing on these quarters may be different than you are used to. Colour & Cotton cuts linen to 36 inches by the width of the bolt (55"). Then they dye the fabric. Shrinkage occurs during the process, so the linen is actually "short" of a full quarter. These quarters can be 16-17" wide, rather than 18". This will not make a difference on the size of the fabric you'll need for a piece.


Let’s say you buy a quarter of 32 count linen. That would have roughly 576 threads one direction, and 880 threads the other direction. The fabric shrinks. But the number of threads is the same — they’re just closer together. What will happen, though, is you’re actually stitching on a 34 count (or 35 count), instead of 32 count. If the pattern would fit on a full 18 by 27 1/2 inch quarter, it will still fit on one that is smaller with the same number of threads. When you purchase two, you get a fat half (roughly 33 or 34 inches by 27 or so), and purchasing four will get you a full yard, which again could be 33 or 34 inches, by 54-ish. Each one may vary.