40 Count Hand-Dyed Fabric Cuts for ONE Uffindell Sampler Graph


The Uffindell charts will be here soon, and I got to thinking  about linen for them. A color is not specified in the chart, but it's very close to Light Hazelnut by XJudesigns. Her linen is top-notch, so nice, and it will look great with these samplers. This listing is a PREORDER for the linen. It will take time to get all of the linen dyed, so here's how it's going to work:


By placing a pre-order, you are holding your spot in line for the linen as it starts to come in. You can choose 32, 36 or 40 count. Each sampler needs a piece larger than a quarter yard, so to stitch one sampler, you purchase one cut, and the price is $56.00. So, if you want to stitch both samplers, purchase two of this preorder, in the count you want. You can order as many of these as you like, but please know that purchasing one of these pre-orders means you will get enough fabric to stitch ONE sampler. Purchasing this item will send you an e-mail that links you to a PDF with these instructions and pictures of the samplers and the linen. You don't have to download that -- it would just be if you wanted something to refer to.


When the linen starts to come in, I will begin sending out e-mails that link to your custom listing with your linen. The price on your listing will be the retail price of $56, minus the $1 preorder fee. If you have preordered one or both of the graphs as well, I can combine those together into one listing. Shipments will be sent out in the order the payments are received. 


I have already ordered a bunch of linen, and will order more as preorders come in. Please know the fabric may get here after the charts do, and I may get the fabric in multiple shipments. So, if you would prefer your charts to come ahead of the fabric, just let me know.


These linens are beautiful. Simply. Beautiful. Hand-dyed in Hungary, they are perfect for samplers and prim stitching. It's a nice Zweigart-based linen, and there are subtle variations in color that make it look...well, old-ish. I think you’ll really enjoy the XJudesigns fabrics, especially if you haven’t tried them before. E-mail me with any questions