40 Count Mill Stone Fat Quarter by Graham Cracker Fabrics

40 Count Mill Stone Fat Quarter by Graham Cracker Fabrics


Graham has been working on a new line of linens that use FLAX linen as a base. This linen is "natural" looking with flecks and specks -- basically, an un-bleached linen. To differentiate them from the other colors he dyes, these are named with bread in mind. If it's a dessert, it's white as a base, and if it's bread-related, it's flecky. We love it!


***Please note: these fabrics are dyed purposefully to look old, worn, weathered, and grungy. These are not "flat-color" fabrics -- they have variances in them, like splotches, spots, stains, and lighter and darker areas. Each fabric you order will be unique, and that is intentional.***


Hey there!  I've been dyeing fabric for the Wabi-Sabi collection for a bit now, and I've really come to enjoy the process, so I decided to give it a shot on my own.  I really came to understand the value of practical colors, so I'm starting out with some of those for now, but who knows what I'll come up with!                 -Graham


This listing is for a fat quarter, which is approximately 18 by 27 inches.  Purchase two, and get a fat half (approximately 27 by 36 inches).  This is a Zweigart based linen, dyed with artifical, and natural dyes.  Full yards, and skinny cuts are not available at this time.