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Add Priority Shipping to Order

Add Priority Shipping to Order


Adding Priority Shipping to your order does not move your order up to the front of the line -- it means when I make your label, it will be for US Priority. You will STILL be charged the flat $5.00 for shipping, and this fee is added to your invoice -- Priority Mail costs me at a minimum $7.90. You will pay $10.00 total for shipping. If your Priority Mail costs me $10 or $15 or whatever, you still only pay $10.00. If, for some reason, it seems better for me to send it UPS (due to bulk/weight), I will send it 2-day.


Sometimes people just can't wait to see their new stash. In the US only, you now have the option to have your package shipped by Priority. My flat rate for shipping in the US is normally $5.00, and I send the cheapest option (usually First Class or Parcel Select).


We use ShipStation (via PayPal) to ship packages, whether or not you use Paypal for your purchase. An e-mail will be sent from my website with tracking, or if you pay by PayPal, you can go to your transaction iwth me to find your tracking number. You can use the link in that e-mail to check your package status at any point. Typically, Priority mail means a delivery time of 2-3 days, but depending on what's happening in the US or if there is a holiday schedule, that can vary. Priority mail does NOT mean that you will have to sign for your package. It will be delivered to your address with your regular mail.

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