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Antique Scissors & Spools chart DOWNLOAD

Antique Scissors & Spools chart DOWNLOAD


Oh, hey, this is my first PDF available for purchase as a download. What does that mean? That you can decide you need this at 2 in the morning and immediately pay for and download the graph to your computer or other electronic device for stitching!!! You can also purchase this as a printed graph elsewhere on my site.


I stitched mine on 36 count Doubloon with Chocolat Belle Soie silks, but you can use your favorite color/colors of thread on whatever fabric you want. The stitch count is 80 by 90. I finished mine as a pincushion, stuffed with sawdust.


So....please do not share or post this file with anyone or to anywhere. When you pay for this file, it is for you to use. I have made it a little cheaper than buying an actual graph, because I don't have to pay to print it, pack it, put it in a bag, etc. But it's kind of a one-person's-use kind of deal. Think  of it like paying to download a movie or song. It's for you. Not for Pinterest. In other words, this is not a "free" chart. Thanks so much!!!

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