Bathya: A Reversible Band Sampler c.1680 by Hands Across the Sea Samplers


This is a stunner -- and you can take an online class (for a fee) at the Hands Across the Sea website.


The sampler was reversibly stitched over two and three threads. The stitches include two different versions of reversible cross stitch.  One forms a cross on the reverse with a vertical stitch on the left, and the other a four sided stitch on the reverse. Bathya also used double back stitch and diagonal double back stitch. These stitches appear plaited from the front and as two parallel rows of back stitch on the reverse. You might know them as closed herringbone.


Other stitches used were stem stitch, double sided Italian stitch, alternating double back stitch in groups of three, which represents the Trinity, detached buttonhole stitch, French knots, four sided stitch, satin stitch, eyelet stitch, running and Holbein stitch (double running stitch). Bathya is rated as suitable for advanced needle workers, however, she is not beyond a determined intermediate.