Custom Order Nancy D. LC, FE

Custom Order Nancy D. LC, FE


Please read: DO NOT PURCHASE IF THIS IS NOT YOUR ORDER. Anyone who attempts to purchase a preorder that is not theirs will get an immediate cancellation and refund, minus any fees I may lose as a result of the transaction.


Thank you for preordering the Blackbird Designs pre-cut packs my dear! You have two weeks from the time I send your e-mail to complete this purchase. If you do not otherwise make arrangements with me, at that time, your preordered items will be released for general purchase. If you would at this time like to cancel your preorders, you don't need to explain or apologize. Things happen! But I would love it if you would just let me know at


 The price of this listing reflects the price of each pre-cut pack minus the $2 fee per item you put down last summer. So, if you preordered two items, your listing is $4 less than retail price for the total of both items. You did not pay shipping last year on the preorders, unless you ordered other items that I shipped at that time.


The listing title reflects what you are getting. It shows your first name and last initial and any of the following abbreviations: JR (Jelly Roll), LC (Layer Cake), FE (Fat Eighth Bundle), and/or FQ (Fat Quarter Bundle.) If you ordered more than one of any item, you will see a number after that abbreviation. For example: "FQ2" would mean you are getting TWO fat quarter bundles as ordered.


I have some yardage in at this time. Those are listed separately on the Blackbird Designs page, the What's New page, and the Moda page of my website. You can add any items you like to this order, and it will not increase your flat $3 shipping fee or hold up your order. Orders will be packed in the order they are received.


If your order weighs enough, I may send it UPS, as that saves me money for the heavier packages. Generally, though, things will go out USPS. A tracking number will either come to you via Paypal (if that's how you pay) or via my website, if you use a debit or credit card. I do not take checks, money orders, cash, or, sadly, really good chocolate.


If you have any questions, e-mail me at Thank you, again, for your support and business. You help me do fun things every day!