EXCLUSIVE: Kindred Spirits of the Thread KIT by La D Da


This kit sold out in a few hours -- Lori and I are already talking to suppliers to make another big batch. I am NOT taking preorders for this. Subscribe to my newsletter by going to the home page of my site, and enter your e-mail in the newsletter box in the lower right corner. All news will come that way. I will not individually be e-mailing people re: the club kit. Thanks!

#1 kit in the "I-Don't-Wanna-Belong-To-Another-Club Club"... Stitchers have been asking me for a while to start some kind of an exclusive club. I've participated in a few myself as a designer and as a consumer. I LOVE the idea of getting something exclusive and special, but there can be things about clubs that aren't as fun. This is a club you DO NOT JOIN! The designers who are participating have FREE REIGN to do what they want. You can't miss out on signing up, because no one signs up. And if you want to skip a piece or two, go right ahead.


You don't get to see a picture -- the project is a surprise. But I can tell you it is for a pin drum. The kit comes with hand-dyed 36 count linen, hand-dyed wool, a sweet little full-color floss card (with bonus design), overdyed cotton flosses, a handmade "frogging" pin, and a sticky bonus from me. (I cannot change the fabric out for someting else -- this is as-kitted by Lori).  I am asking you to NOT share pictures of the kit anywhere on social media (Facebook, Instagram, FlossTube, etc.) until July 1st. We need this to be a surprise for everyone who has ordered it -- when they open theirs, I want everyone to be seeing it for the first time. Quantities are limited -- only ONE kit allowed per customer. If you purchase more than one, I will refund you the price of the extras you ordered, and put those kits back in stock. You can, of course, order other things to go in with your order (the flat shipping rate does not increase).


When will the next one be ready? I'm not sure! But I have SO many cool designers who are working on ideas, some of whom have never been asked to be part of a club before. YOU DO NOT JOIN THIS CLUB! Announcements for future kits/offerings will come through my newsletter -- if you don't already get my newsletters, look for the sign-up box in the lower right corner of my home page. I hope you enjoy this very first I Don't Wanna Belong To Another Club Club special offering.