Granny's Button Bag

Granny's Button Bag


I'm always using old buttons to dress up my finishes, so I thought it would be fun to find old buttons for YOU GUYS to use, too! Every pack is get anywhere from 45-85 buttons, depending on the size.


Buttons range in size and age -- anywhere from the turn-of-the century (not THIS one, silly), to about the 1970's. If they were grungy when I got them, I left them grungy. I picked through and tried to take out any that were broken, but I like buttons with chips and scuffs, so I left those in.


Materials of the buttons also range -- wood, plastic, bone, shell, leather, metal, fabric. There are teenie tiny buttons, and big ol' buttons. Use your imagintion and work them in to your needlework finishing, craft projects, or just leave them in their pretty packaging as decoration. Each set comes in a crinkly celophane baggie with vintage-looking scrapbook paper and washi tape.


I've included a few pictures of things I've done with old buttons, so you get the idea. Have fun. Get a few. Give some to friends. These are "grab bags," and the pictures shown are random examples. Happy stitching, sweetie.