CATS Halloween Towne DOWNLOAD by Raise the Roof Designs


This is a design I created years ago for Crescent Colors. I am re-releasing it to benefit Southern Pines Animal Shetler in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, in their mission to help the almost 7,000 animals that come in every year. Southern Pines Animal Shelter is a no-kill, open-admission shelter that has served my city, and the area, for almost 50 years. They also operate a low-cost spay and neuter clinic to help control the excess pet population. Animals are also often sent on transport to other states where the demand is greater than the supply for shelter pets.


This chart is also available as a printed chart for the same price. Button packs and thread packs are being assembled, but are not totally in stock yet. I am covering the cost of printing to help with the fundraising. I do subtract my credit card/Paypal fees from the $10 per chart.