Earlier this year (2021), I started messing around with new ways to label the fabrics I sell. I had been punching tags out of cardstock, but it honestly took a lot of time, and I was forever having to make more. I contacted a printing company I worked with and have come up with sampler-themed cards that you can now purchase in a pack.


Each packet comes with 10 each of 4 designs PLUS a one-inch black hinged ring. The size on these cards is 2" by 3 1/2". The corners are rounded, and the back of each card is completely BLANK. I have found that regular ball point pens work well. The trick with these is...YOU ADD THE HOLES! You can punch holes to make them thread cards, or tags for project bags or gifts. You can also label your fabrics by punching a little hole and affixing with a safety pin. Use them as gift enclosures, or for crafting and scrapbooking. Put a kind note in with someone's lunch, or just tape them to the mirror or tuck in the corners of framed pieces as "sampler jewelry." 


These have a matte (not glossy) finish, and are sturdy enough for many uses. You can find different sized and shaped punches at major craft stores. They also make a great gift.

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