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Mary Bate 1796 Reproduction Sampler Chart

Mary Bate 1796 Reproduction Sampler Chart


Mary stitched her sampler in 1796, and it has a wonderful verse about education!!! The colors are so pretty (springy/dusty summery). I recommend Needlepoint Silks, Silk N Colours and Gloriana silks, but a DMC conversion is provided. 40 count Espresso by R&R Reproductions or 40 count Vintage Light Exemplar by Lakeside Linens would be lovely for this sampler.


Here is the verse:


The human soul without Education

is like marble in the quarry which shows

none of its inherent beauties until

the skill of the Polisher fethes out

the colours makes the surface shine

and discovers every ornamental cloud

spot and vein that runs through the

body of it. Education after the same

manner when it works upon the mind

draws out to view every latent virtue

and perfection which without such

helps are never able to make their


Keep such company as you may im

prove or that may improve you and

if you or your companions cannot

make one another better rather leave

than grow worse by them.


Her Work In The Year Of

Our Lord 1796 B. Oct. 29 '83

Strait School

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