MYSTERY BOX: A French Summer by Reflets de Soie

MYSTERY BOX: A French Summer by Reflets de Soie


Only 200 were made! 8 weeks of surprises in one box!!! There is no picture of what you get (but a description below). This is a "blind" box, similar to the Advent calendar I did in 2021. Each week's offering is neatly wrapped in tissue, so it's like opening a gift every week!

In this box you will discover 8 "envelopes" to open week after week.

You will find :

*A mystery sampler (Antoinette Dupas) to stitch all summer long and which will be ready for guessed it, it is a reproduction of a large old alphabet sampler (303 x 284 stitches) in traditional Christmas colours. This sampler will only be published for this box.

*A print of an old page from Isabelle's "Journal des Demoiselles" collection.

*Soies d'Alger (12 colors spread over 8 weeks, 5 meters of each). Please note: I do not believe these are to stitch the sampler, just colors Isabelle has chosen for their beauty.

*...And other "Made in France" surprises!!!

200 boxes only. I secured 75, and they are in-hand and ready to ship. These are not returnable -- but they are so lovely, who would want to?