PREORDER: Threads that Bind LAYER CAKE by Blackbird Designs

PREORDER: Threads that Bind LAYER CAKE by Blackbird Designs




LAYER CAKE is 42 assorted 10 by 10 inch squares. Final retail price (before your $2 preorder fee is taken off) is $44.99. The second picture shows the fabrics that come in the prepacks (they may vary a little pack-to-pack, but most of the cross stitch/sampler fabrics are only going to be available as yardage (as cutting quarters interrupts panels, or leaves an interruption in the fabric that makes it harder to work with.)




These fabrics are expected February 22, 2022, but of course, that date can change, due to unforseen circumstances. I am doing preorders to help me know how many of these items to order. I will have to order these shortly, because Moda bases their order with the fabric printer based on the orders they receive ahead of time.


I am allowing preorders for: fat quarter and fat eighth bundles, Layer cakes, and Jelly Rolls.


You are having to put a $2 deposit fee on EACH item that you preorder. So, if you want THREE of something, put a quantity of three in your cart. That is how I will know you want three. DO NOT order one, and then leave me a note that you actually want a different number. I will reserve for you the quantities you officially reserve with a $2 deposit for EACH bundle, cake or roll.


I have this preorder listed as a download -- when you place your order, you will get a link to a file that you can then choose to print off for your information (pictures of all four preorder items are on that sheet with a description). Plus, doing preorders as a download means you will not get charge for shipping for your preorders (unless shippable items are also on your order.)


Yardage, charm, and mini charm packs will be available in mass quantities when the fabrics are delivered, but are not available as preorders. If you decide to preorder more of the allowed items, just make sure to get those preorders in before AUGUST 16th, 2021. Yes, you do have to place a preorder order again with the $2 fee for each item preordered -- please don't ask me to just make a note for you. I have 7,000 customers, and it's too much for me to keep track of without making mistakes.


 If you place multiple preorders, yes, I will combine them for you (you don’t have to ask!) Your $2 preorder fee for each item is not refundable if you decide to cancel your order.


When the fabrics arrive, I will make a CUSTOM LISTING for the ones you have preordered. You have had to put down a $2.00 preorder charge for each item you want to preorder. That $2 (for each item) will be subtracted from your custom listing final price. An e-mail with a link to your listing will be sent when your fabrics are ready to ship, and you can pay your balance and add other items if you like. Remember, my flat shipping charge is just $3, and even though these packages will be heavy, you still get that shipping bargain!


If you have any questions, e-mail me at Thanks!