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Ragamuffin #2: A Quaker Sampler

Ragamuffin #2: A Quaker Sampler


Such a beauty -- I think this is one of my prettiest reproductions. I call this a Ragamuffin, because the original arrived in such tough shape. At some point, I believe someone washed the original sampler, and most of the lettering fell out. The stitcher's name was also lost, but the beauty remained. The colors, the simple elements, the juxtoposition of the dark angular letters against the organic and airy natural elements beneath...sigh...such a gorgeous piece.


Be wary when you're stitching that border -- it is not "even," so count carefully. The original was stitched on an unevenweave fabric, which is why the original was more square, while the reproduction is rectangular. Stitch count is 340 by 290.


I recommend a combination of silks (Gloriana, Au Ver a Soie and Needlepoint Silks), but I provide both a DMC and a Sampler Threads conversion. My model is stitched on 32 count Vintage Light Exemplar by Lakeside Linens.



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