Samplers from A to Z by The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston


The books I sell that are out of print are previously-owned, which means there are varying amounts of wear-and-tear on them, and the older they are, the more wear you may see. Some are like-new, and some are a little more "loved" and rough around the edges.


This book was originally created in 2000 by the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston in conjunction with a sampler show. It's really cool, because it's almost set up like a picture book for adults, and teaches different facets of samplers. "A" is for "Alphabet," "I" is for "Italian Cutwork," and "M" is for "Map Sampler." Each entry takes you through, with pictures, to a deeper understanding of sampler history.


This is a neat book, long since out of print.  A super fun addition to any sampler lover's library. 64 pages, softcover.