Samplers Yesterday & Today, Zine Issue One, Summer 2018


Here it is -- the inaugural issue of Samplers Yesterday & Today, a zine for modern sampler makers. Included in this 35-page issue:


  • What is a Sampler?
  • The Margrethe Sorensen 1873 Reproduction Sampler (chart included)
  • Grandma Carmen's Honey Cookies
  • Inspired by Garbage: Coke Bottle Vase
  • Paulette Stewart: Creating Samplers with All Her Heart
  • On Merit: An Exclusive Sampler Design by Paulette Stewart of Plum Street Samplers
  • Growing Your Sampler Book Collection
  • Sampler Stitchers Gallery


This issue is available only as an Internet download -- you can read it on your favorite electronic device. Or print it all out. Or just some of it.


Enjoy! This was a lot of fun to create.