Sherri M. Preorder for Threads that Bind Jelly Roll

Sherri M. Preorder for Threads that Bind Jelly Roll


***DO NOT PURCHASE if your name is not the name on this listing. If you do that anyway, I will automatically cancel your order.***


This is your custom listing for the Moda Jelly Roll(s) you preordered last summer. This morning (4/20/2022), I paid for these, and they are being shipped to me from Texas, which means they will be here shortly. To complete your purchase of this item, just add it to your basket and check out, like any other purchase. You may also add other items to your purchase. If you ordered more than one, that is noted in the listing title, and your listing price reflects how many Jelly Rolls you are receiving based on your preorder.


The price of this item has been decreased by $2 (per pack you preordered), for the deposit you put down last summer. You did not pay a shipping charge last year, if you only put in a preorder. If you purchased other items at that time, you did pay a $3 shipping fee, but your other items were shipped at that time. You do owe the $3 flat shipping rate for this item now (at checkout).


I am not able to increase your quantity at this time, but I am getting in extra Jelly Rolls. There is a separate page for that on the Moda page of this site, and you can click the notification button there to be notified when I have stock of those (if you want more.)


If you have any other questions, e-mail me at


Moda Jelly Rolls are made up of 2 1/2" by 42" strips of fabric, perfect for quilting and sewing. This one has 40 strips (which is the typical number included in a Jelly Roll.) They come packaged, as shown.