The Moons of 2022 by Kathy Barrick

The Moons of 2022 by Kathy Barrick


From Kathy:


This design is called The Moons of 2022.  I've always been a moon lover and wanted to do a piece that focused on the full moons and their names.  The names are selected by the Olde Farmer's Almanac.  Included with this design is a chart for the full moon names of 2023 and a promise that I will continue to make each year's moon names charted for all future years (that I'm alive!).  I've also included a chart for a more condensed version of this design; one that omits the charted moon names and joins the top and bottom portions together.

The stitch count of this piece is 200 wide by 323 high.  It's stitched with Needlepoint Silks on 40-Count Paperbark from Fox & Rabbit.  Needlepoint Silks used are:  135, 205, 473, 561, 563, 564, 566, 763, 772, 877, 902, 915, 961, 963, 964, 982, 985, 988, 991B, 993.

Note:  Three skeins of 566 will be needed.  Also, 993 (black) is only used for a few stitches and a few French Knots.
As always, a conversion to DMC is provided.