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Tuesday, Nov. 23:

I have conquered the pile! All of the Advent calendars purchased last Wednesday have been either shipped, or are sitting by the door to go out in the morning. I have heard from many excited stitchers who can't wait to start opening...and one who admitted she REALLY couldn't wait, so she just opened them all. I heard from another who gave the box to her husband to just give the packages to her one day at a time, to alleviate the temptation to tear into everything.

Thank you to everyone for your patience the last two weeks. I am tired, but I feel really, really good about how smoothly the whole process went, and I am happy to get a big chunk of my house back. Shipments are resuming "as usual" tomorrow.

This time of year is so much fun, and although I know a lot of folks don't like to start Christmas before Thanksgiving, I am so in the mood for the holly and the jolly. Thank you, all of you, who encourage me, support me, and give me a big happy reason to get up every morning. I truly love helping you get the best in cross stitch. - Theresa

I don't carry anything I don't like -- truly! There are so many great designs, old and new, so many samplers to stitch, so many fabrics to fondle, and lots of great fibers, books, tools, trims, and more.... watch for more expansion of products  -- to not only include what's good in needlework, but what's good in .... well, being good!

You're going to love my flat shipping fees -- $3 in the U.S. Really! The more you buy, the better that deal gets, so get a clickin'.


Orders are always filled in the order they are received -- shipping waits can vary from one to seven days, depending on order volume. If you can add it to your cart and pay for it, that means that item is in stock and ready to ship to you (unless it's marked as a "preorder.") If you place an order and see that an item is marked "out of stock," you probably purchased the last one. Items are subtracted from my inventory one-by-one as orders are placed.

I appreciate your business, support, friendship, and well-wishes. They keep me going day-after-day. Cheers! - Theresa


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