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Wednesday, October 14,

We're having a good week here in Hattiesburg. Today was a BOXES day, as most of the orders we sent out had to be boxed. This meant the car filled up fast.

People are buying lots of Prairie Schooler this week -- it's always interesting to see the waves of interest that go through. I imagine some of that is due to what people are stitching and showing on YouTube. I've been working on Stacy Nash's Mary Barres Sampler, and it's lovely. But I'm going to sit and stitch a bit, and I think I'll switch pieces. It's always good to keep yourself interested in your projects.

November will be an on-again-off-again month, as I have three big events. I teach at the Midwest Cross Stitch Retreat, then I come home. Then I go visit my parents in South Carolina, then come home. And HARRISON is coming home for Christmas, and he's bringing someone special along! We will get him again for Christmas, so I guess that means I've been extra good this year.

I hope you are having a wonderful fall. October here in Mississippi is about as good as it gets. Zero gets to go out now and then to roll in the pine needles. He always ends up on his back with his fuzzy belly facing the sun. Happy times.

Love - Theresa

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