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Wednesday, March 31

In like a lion, and out like a lamb? There went March -- and the Azaleas are BLOOMING like wildfire here in Hattiesburg. Driving across town is magical with typically boring shrubbery ablaze with delicate, colorful blooms in magenta, red, and white.

Expo was four weeks ago, but good things are STILL coming in. Stay tuned to my What's New page for things that are hot off the press. And make sure to check out the What's On Sale section for bargains (gotta make room for the new stuff!)

What's next? We'll see. I am eyeballing which one of my antiques gets the next makeover as a new reproduction (I have three that are in the running.) And I have a new idea for my popular line of "Antique" motif charts.

I hope you all are staying happy and healthy. Take time to stitch, and have a great rest of the week. 

Love, Theresa

I don't carry anything I don't like -- truly! There are so many great designs, old and new, so many samplers to stitch, so many fabrics to fondle, and lots of great fibers, books, tools, trims, and more.... watch for more expansion of products  -- to not only include what's good in needlework, but what's good in .... well, being good!

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