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August 11 -


I had a lot of great packages show up recently, so I've been busy adding new items to the website. You can always find what's new by going to the What's New section of my site. Make sure to check out the 38 count linens, new colors by Xjudesigns (including Colonial Green, which she designed for me, and Light Drab, which is a wonderful neutral perfect for samplers.) I've also got two new Wabi-Sabi linens in stock: Milk & Cola and Heavy Cream. We dye our linens to LOOK like genuinely old fabric. Each piece is different and is sure to make your projects look authentically folk-arty.

I picked up some framing at Neblett's today, and am working on my next book. I cannot WAIT for you to see what is in it! I had lots of help from model stitcher friends. It's sure to be a fan favorite, as I show you a great variety of samplers that fall under the blanket term of "marking sampler." Even a simple concept can lead to lots of different styles, colors, and charm.

We have had a rainy summer here in Hattiesburg, but I'm still getting laps in at the pool. By this time of year, I am dreaming of cooler weather, as fall, winter, and spring in Mississippi are pretty great. Bring on the pumpkins! Hope you are getting some stitching done! :) - Love, Theresa

I don't carry anything I don't like -- truly! There are so many great designs, old and new, so many samplers to stitch, so many fabrics to fondle, and lots of great fibers, books, tools, trims, and more.... watch for more expansion of products  -- to not only include what's good in needlework, but what's good in .... well, being good!

You're going to love my flat shipping fees -- $5 in the U.S. Really! The more you buy, the better that deal gets, so get a clickin'.


Orders are always filled in the order they are received -- shipping waits can vary from one to seven days, depending on order volume. If you can add it to your cart and pay for it, that means that item is in stock and ready to ship to you (unless it's marked as a "preorder.") If you place an order and see that an item is marked "out of stock," you probably purchased the last one. Items are subtracted from my inventory one-by-one as orders are placed.

I appreciate your business, support, friendship, and well-wishes. They keep me going day-after-day. Cheers! - Theresa



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