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Wednesday, June 15,

I am back in the office, and although I had a lot of fun the last two weeks (with friends in Iowa, and family in Colorado), there is no place like home. The cats are wide-eyed and glad to have me here.

Please be patient with me as I catch up on orders and e-mails. I rarely take time off, so having two trips back-to-back was relaxing, but now I have a lot of work to do.

Summer is getting hot in Mississippi, so it's getting to be really great stay inside and stitch. Hope your weather is letting you do things you like to do, too!


I don't carry anything I don't like -- truly! There are so many great designs, old and new, so many samplers to stitch, so many fabrics to fondle, and lots of great fibers, books, tools, trims, and more.... watch for more expansion of products  -- to not only include what's good in needlework, but what's good in .... well, being good!

You're going to love my flat shipping fees -- $3 in the U.S. Really! The more you buy, the better that deal gets, so get a clickin'.