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Sunday, October 2:

Hoo boy! I am so excited for everybody to join me in a sampler stitch-along. Here are the links for the charts/thread packs and fabric cuts:



You can, of course, add other items to your orders. At this time, all threads, fabrics, and charts are in stock for Margaret Doyle. 

The stitch-along is slated to start Oct. 20th on my blog and will be a casual (pressure-free) affair. But I will be doing some events/promotions as well. You do not have to have an account to comment on my blog, and it will be where information regarding the project will be posted in the future.

You can watch my newest video on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-B1NpxMwi0

A huge thank you goes out to Nicola and her team at Hands Across the Sea, to Brandon and Karen at Fox & Rabbit, to Lamora and her team at Access Commodities, and to all of you! Thank you for letting me do what I love every day! - Theresa

I don't carry anything I don't like -- truly! There are so many great designs, old and new, so many samplers to stitch, so many fabrics to fondle, and lots of great fibers, books, tools, trims, and more.... watch for more expansion of products  -- to not only include what's good in needlework, but what's good in .... well, being good!

You're going to love my flat shipping fees -- $5 in the U.S. Really! The more you buy, the better that deal gets, so get a clickin'.


Orders are always filled in the order they are received -- shipping waits can vary from one to seven days, depending on order volume. If you can add it to your cart and pay for it, that means that item is in stock and ready to ship to you (unless it's marked as a "preorder.") If you place an order and see that an item is marked "out of stock," you probably purchased the last one. Items are subtracted from my inventory one-by-one as orders are placed.

I appreciate your business, support, friendship, and well-wishes. They keep me going day-after-day. Cheers! - Theresa



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