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FAQ and blah, blah, blah

Hey guys -- here is information on how things run here at Kitten Stitcher/Shakespeare's Peddler. But always, always, ALWAYS let me know if you have questions, comments, compliments, concerns, or deep thoughts.


For Shakespeare's Peddler and Kitten Stitcher designs, you are purchasing right from the! For everything, if it's on the site, and you can put it in your cart and pay for it, it's in stock. I generally hide listings that are out of stock, as it isn't much fun to order something and then wait for a month or more. Sometimes, I'll leave a popular item up, even if it is out of stock, and you will see "out of stock" on the listing. If you can't add it to your cart, we are out. But we get shipments EVERY day. 

On my site, you will find purchasable PDF's of some of my designs. The means, you pay a fee, receive an e-mail and easily download the charts to your computer, laptop or other electronic device. Then, you will be able to print copies for your use only. I hope this makes it easy for middle-of-the-night purchasers who want to start a project right away .. and for those of you overseas who hate to give your left eyeball for shipping charges.


Yes, shipping is really a flat rate. Five bucks in the United States. Everything goes out through the US Postal Service or UPS, depending on what offers me the best value and delivery time when I weigh your order. I do shipping using PayPal, so, if you're wondering where your package is, you can go to your PayPal account and track it that way. You also should receive a shipping notification via my website (whether you pay by PayPal or a card). 

I am again shipping internationally, and each country has a flat rate that is enough to cover most packages. If your package gets heavy, and your shipping fee is more than $10 less than what I'm paying, I will send you an invoice for the balance on the shipping. To keep your packages shipping less expensively, try avoiding heavy items like books.

Did you know that every time you place an order, you get a little gift from me? It's my little way of saying, "Thank you," and "I like you," and "Here's some more crap for your stash."


See, here's the thing with returns... I sell some products (charts) that you could, hypothetically, order, photocopy, and then ask to return them. If you've received something that is in some way defective, by all means, let me know, and I will see what I can do. If there is some other problem with your order, I want to hear about it. But those of us in the industry typically make a frownie-face at returning patterns and kits, or fabrics that we have cut especially for you. But I'm nice, so, you know, let's be friends.

That's really all I need to say about returns, but I have a little more space to fill. So let me tell you a few things about me: my eyes are green, I'm five-foot-nine, my maiden name was Andreski (which means I make a mean pierogi), and yes, I really do randomly break into song throughout the day.

4: AND...

If you're a shop, yes, you can order wholesale through me. Also, if you'd like me to design something specifically for your retreat or store, let me know. Maybe we can work something out. Hoffman Distributing and Yarn Tree both also sell my designs to shops.

No, you can't come to my house to buy stuff. Let me just pop it in the mail.

Please use the form on my site to contact me, or e-mail me at

And thanks so much for your support, however you give it. I couldn't do what I do without YOU!

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