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32 Count INDIGO DUSK Hand-Dyed Fat Quarter WABI-SAB

32 Count INDIGO DUSK Hand-Dyed Fat Quarter WABI-SAB


Please note, your linen may have markings, which are purposeful (see the picture). Some of these markings are more or less prevalent from piece to piece. We dye linens to look like old fabric, which means they may have spots, splotches, and "stains." This is not a flat-color fabric -- it is meant to look like hand-dyed fabric, weathered and worn. :)


This is a lovely Zweigart-based fabric -- soft, but firm. Friendly, yet fiercely independent. Purchase one, and you get a fat quarter, which is roughly 18 by 27 inches. Purchase two, and you'll get a fat half -- 27 by 36 inches. To purchase a full yard, select a quantity of FOUR (roughly 55 by 36 inches).

About the linen...


We dye in small batches, which means the linen you're getting is super-unique. I like hand-dyed linens that look hand-dyed. That look like they've been in grandma's attic for eighty years. That have veins, splotches, stains, drips, water marks, surprising bits of color, and pizazz! Every piece of linen is different. You can use either side as the front of the fabric -- both sides have their own unique markings.


I DO NOT RECOMMEND WASHING YOUR FABRIC. We use a combination of different dyes, and if you wash the linen, you may either cause bleeding or a loss of color and definition. Many of my fabrics have been dyed twice, and they've all been ironed three times to make them as wrinkle-free as possible. We do use a little steam when ironing. I know you're not really supposed to, but we're rebellious.


I have done the best I can to scan each color, but running a fabric through a scanner, a computer, an editing program, uploading it onto a website, and then running it through your screen at home, there are bound to be discrepencies.


This fabric looks old. It looks grungy. It looks like it was dragged behind a hog truck in the middle of July down a back-county road where all you see are turkey vultures and the occasional skunk. But it smells pretty good. I like old samplers and prim pieces, and I design these fabric colors based on that love. But you do you -- I just know you're going to love adopting this linen and making it your own. BUT USE IT!!! Don't save it!!!


When you frame your piece, consider using museum glass to protect the colors of your fabric and threads. Make sure to hang out of direct sunlight. Sing to it once in a while. It'll love you for it.

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