40 Count Peddler's Blend Fat Quarter Hand-Dyed Linen by Dames of the Needle


PLEASE NOTE!!!! PLEASE NOTE!!! This fabric is not for the faint of heart. It is a riot of splotchi-ness and crust and grunge. I love it! But it's not for everyone. This fabric has texture, and it has stains, and it is perfect for prim pieces, Hallowee, the macabre. It smells strongly of coffee. It has crusty bits. Please know that if you're purchasing this, it is not your typical linen. You can request a REALLY splotchy piece, or one that is less so, but they are all pretty darn splotchy. I think it's fun, but it is unusual. I had talked to the dyer about some of my techniques for dyeing linen, and she took some of those and ran with it. I included several different scans, so you can see how pieces can differ. Proceed at your own risk...of adventure.....


This is a lovely Zweigart-based hand-dyed linen. Purchase one, and get a fat quarter (18 by 27 inches, approximately). Purchase two, and get a fat half (27 by 36, approximately.) If you want a full yard, purchase four (55 by 36 inches, approximately.)