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ANN GRIMSHAW 1818 by The Scarlet Letter

ANN GRIMSHAW 1818 by The Scarlet Letter


I am getting a ton of questions about this sampler. Please read below before you send me an e-mail:


Stitch count is about 330 by 420.


YOU WILL NEED A HALF YARD of fabric if you are using 32, 36, or 40 count (over two). That is a quantity of TWO on most of my listings. A half yard is typically 27 by 36 inches.


I don't  know how much thread you need. When I purchased this kit, it came with a hank and a half of Noir Au Ver a Soie. I cannot say how much thread you will need on the count you choose with your stitching style (how you work your way through the pattern, mistakes/re-stitching, what the cat runs off with, etc. will ALL change how much thread you need.) If you are using Gloriana or Thread Gatherer silks, I find them to be very consistent batch-to-batch. If it was me, I would start with eight or ten skeins, but I cannot promise you that this is not too much or not enough.


Stitches: cross and eyelet. You can do it all in cross stitch, if you like. There is also a little bit of over-one (her name) at the bottom.




Marsha has been reproducing samplers longer than pretty much anyone.  I was lucky to tour her farmstead back in the 90s, and it continues to be a memorable day.  Her reproduction charts are thorough, and come with stitch diagrams.  Please know that some of them are hand-drawn charts, but they are easy to read, and so, so fun to stitch!

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