EXCLUSIVE: 32 Count Farm Eggs Fat Quarter Hand-Dyed Linen by xJudesign


THIS COLOR IS JUST FOR ME (and you, of course). Xjudesigns has come up with this color for only my customers. Please note that the 32 count has taken the dye more lightly than the 36 and 40 counts, and the picture reflects that. LOVE IT!!! I will be able to order more when it runs out, but why wait?


These linens are beautiful. Simply. Beautiful. Hand-dyed in Hungary, they are perfect for samplers and prim stitching. It's a nice Zweigart-based linen, and there are subtle variations in color that make it look...well, old-ish. The edges are even serged (on the full yard -- if you buy less than a yard, some edges will not be serged). This fabric is available in fat halves or whole yards -- buy TWO to get a fat half (27 by 36, approximately), or FOUR to get a full yard (55 by 36, approximately).