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Grazing Sheep 1810 by The Scarlet Letter

Grazing Sheep 1810 by The Scarlet Letter




Deliberate on all things with thy Friend.

But since Friends grow not thick on every bough,

Nor every Friend unrotten at the Core

First, on thy Friend: deliberate with thyself.

Pause, ponder, sift, not eager in the choice

Nor jealous of the chosen: fixing, fix:

Judge before Friendship, then confide till death.


Stitches used to execute this sampler are cross (over one and two threads of linen), counted satin, and bullion (for the sheep).


Marsha has been reproducing samplers longer than pretty much anyone.  I was lucky to tour her farmstead back in the 90s, and it continues to be a memorable day.  Her reproduction charts are thorough, and come with stitch diagrams.

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