Isabella Uffindell Sampler Encore Edition by Hands Across the Sea


Here's how this works -- this sampler graph will be available shortly. You are paying a $1.00 preorder fee to hold a copy of this chart. This is NOT the price of the graph. The remainder will be around an extra $31.00 for this graph -- there is a customs issue, and I will find out more precisely what the final cost will be shortly. Ann's book is sold separately, or you can order BOTH samplers and receive a free gift when you order both. Nicola expects to ship around Christmas, so I should have my shipment around New Year's.


Once you have paid your preorder fee, your name will go on my list. When the charts are in, you will receive by E-MAIL a link to your special order, one or both charts, minus the preorder fee and minus shipping (see below). You can add items to that order without increasing the flat shipping rate. If you order the preorder AND additional charts right now, we will HOLD your additional items until the Uffindell's are in. If you need your other items immediately, please say so in the comments section of your order, and know that you will need to pay additional shipping for the Uffindell/s sampler/s when that package arrives. Since you are paying for shipping with THIS preorder, a credit will be applied to the price of the graph, so that you do not pay shipping twice. (My website automatically adds shipping to physical items, and although it will seem as though you are paying shipping twice, your chart remaining balance will be credited for one of those shipping prices). This preorder is not refundable, but when you receive an e-mail with your link, you can let me know if you do not plan to complete that purchase.


The Uffindell charts were originally released several years ago as one limited edition book. That was a $54 (or so) book, and it included both samplers. Since it was limited edition (only 1,000 copies were printed), they ran out within about a week, and until recently, this book was selling on the secondary market for up to $500 or more. Nicola did not want to re-print the book as it had originally been released, so as not to go back on her word that it would be limited. Due to very, very popular demand, the charts are being released separately. These new printings are going to be the same great quality (full-color) charts with a history lesson just like the rest of the Hands Across the Sea charts. So many people are excited to get these books. And I am just beyond thrilled that Nicola will make these available to stitchers again everywhere who may have missed out the first time. Please let me know if you have any questions.