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MY RULES SCISSOR FOB by Heartstring Samplery

MY RULES SCISSOR FOB by Heartstring Samplery




This custom scissor fob

was dreamed up and made

by our 18 year old son,

Jack Twist.


Because he is first and foremost a college freshman

and time is limited,

the fob will come


but with all parts needed

and a QR code

that will direct to

a video tutorial

for putting the pieces together.


It will come 

in a kraft-backed zip bag

with a hole for hanging.

They could also be easily

slipped into the

pattern bag and sold together

if desired.


This special scissor fob

is 100% home-made.


All steps, 

from forest to finish,

 were done by our firstborn, right here

on our Oregon forest land.

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