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PASSPORT PINCUSHION by Shakespeare's Peddler

PASSPORT PINCUSHION by Shakespeare's Peddler


What's a passport pincushion? It's a project you can add to again and again to remember trips, events, people, and your favorite things. The instructions are very thorough and come with full color pictures on how to customize your pincushion as well as a page of motifs to help get you started. But you can use motifs from other designs or make your own. Use your favorite colors. Add buttons and trim. Then take your pincushion with you to a retreat or set it near your stitching area to show off what you love.


Stitch this project on any type of needlework fabric with any kind of threads. The world is your oyster. If you like oysters. And if not, then it's your chocolate ice cream. Unless you prefer vanilla. Or strawberry. Oh, you know what I mean!

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