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The Sampler by The Scarlet Letter

The Sampler by The Scarlet Letter


The verse:



This sampler which first sppears in view,

When first begun cost many a tear:

The merit to my friends is due,

Who taught me the right course to steer.

The silken threads both long and fine

Did often break and make me sigh:

At crosses oft we do repine,

But still our hope's in him, on high.

Oh! Heavenly Father bless my friends:

Oh bless them with peculiar care:

For I can ne'er make them amends;

Oh heavenly Father hear my prayer.

The thread of Life may soon decay,

The knot may slip, then all is o'er:

Oh may the needle ne'er give way

Until we reach the happy shore.


Marsha has been reproducing samplers longer than pretty much anyone.  I was lucky to tour her farmstead back in the 90s, and it continues to be a memorable day.  Her reproduction charts are thorough, and come with stitch diagrams.

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